Steel Gear Couplings


Crown gear teeth ensure maximum contact on the strongest part of the tooth, resulting in high torque capacity. The Steel Gear product line offers our largest torque capability. Available in double-joint full-flex or single-joint flex-rigid designs. The exposed bolt socket design allows for easy assembly. Sizes 10 to 60 are stocked in the smallest common bore, and sizes 70 to 120 are made to order. Clearance or interference fit holes are available upon request. Coupling assemblies are interchangeable with other gear coupling halves that meet AGMA standards.

Product Features

  • FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE – Coupling assemblies are fully interchangeable with other gear couplings made to AGMA standards.
  • CROWNED GEAR TEETH – Advanced CAD design ensures maximum contact at the strongest part of the tooth.
  • EASE OF ASSEMBLY – The Guardex™ “SG” design incorporates exposed bolts with captive nuts for ease of assembly.
  • HIGH TORQUE CAPACITY – With careful selections of material and optimization up to 1 million inch-pounds can be achieved.