Multi Beam Couplings


These versatile multi-beam couplings can easily accommodate any combination of axial movement and angular and parallel misalignment but should be used with caution if low-bearing loads are required. The triple-end helical-cut design provides higher torque capacity and greatly reduces windup compared to single-beam couplings. The 6-beam version offers greater misalignment capability compared to the 3-beam version but with reduced torque accuracy.

Couplings are available in aluminum and stainless steel to suit a variety of environments.

Product Features

  • Torsionally rigid design
  • Zero backlash
  • No moving parts
  • Single beam simple coupling compatible with industry-standard types
  • The 3-Beam single stage for increased torsional stiffness
  • 6-Beam two stages for torsional stiffness and increased radial compliance
  • Step Beam for low inertia, electrical isolation, low cost