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Fantastic attention has been paid on environmental defense and strength conserving. If you are interested in any of our goods or would like to go over a likely get, remember to really feel free to get in touch with us. Hangzhou EPG Co.,Ltd. , was started in November, 1997. With its 5 wholly owned subsidiaries. Vertical Multistage Stainless Metal EPT with Very good Soon after-EPT

gt gt EPTT

QDL sequence stainless steel booster pump is multi-levels centrifugal vertical pump.
QDG collection EPT feed water booster pump is horizontal stainless metal booster pump matches the functionality, technical necessity and tests method for the worldwide EPT initiatives.
This series EPT booster stainless steel booster pump meet up with the international stXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd, with the function of modest volume, good efficiency, stable and reputable operation, and substantial efficiency. Besides, it is the greatest choice for the hot water supply projects.
It incEPTTd horizontal EPT feed drinking water booster pump and vertical drinking water stainless metal booster pump

gt gt Overall performance Selection

Stream charge: 3~500m3/h
EPT: 70~650m
Pressure: seven~65Bar
Velocity: 1450~2950rpm
Max Eff: 90%

gt gt Software

Extensively utilised in urban h2o supply and pressure boosting, EPTT cirsulating program and processing system, environmental security water treatment and infiltration evaluation system, liquid conveying, circulation and boosting of hot and cold thoroughly clean h2o, delicate drinking water.
Stainless Steel type is also utilized for h2o with little content of alkali, EPTral, distilled h2o, water for swimming pool and solution with chloride, but the authorized temperature of the liquid ought to be reduced.

gt gt Projects
Aerospace Oil amp Fuel
EPTT market EPTT Station
EPTT JCEP Pharmaceutical
Marine Pulp amp Paper
EPT amp Aggregate JCEP amp Squander drinking water

gt gt Functionality

Design Q
(m) (KW)
25GDL2-12*3 two 36 7.5
25GDL2-12*4 two 48 seven.5 one.1
25GDL2-12*five 2 60 seven.5 1.five
25GDL2-twelve*6 2 seventy two seven.five one.5
25GDL2-12*seven 2 84 seven.5 2.two
25GDL2-12*eight 2 ninety six seven.five 2.two
25GDL2-twelve*nine two 108 7.5 2.two
25GDL2-12*10 two one hundred twenty seven.five three
25GDL2-12*11 two 132 7.five 3
25GDL2-twelve*12 two one hundred forty four 7.five three
25GDL2-12*thirteen 2 156 7.5 4
25GDL2-twelve*fourteen 2 168 seven.five four
25GDL4-eleven*3 4 33 seven.five one.1
25GDL4-eleven*four 4 44 seven.five one.5
25GDL4-eleven*5 4 fifty five 7.five 2.two
25GDL4-eleven*six four 66 seven.5 two.2
25GDL4-11*seven 4 77 seven.5 three
25GDL4-11*eight 4 88 seven.5 three
25GDL4-11*nine 4 99 7.five 3
25GDL4-11*10 4 a hundred and ten 7.5 four
25GDL4-11*eleven 4 121 seven.5 four
25GDL4-eleven*12 4 132 7.five 4
25GDL4-11*13 four 143 7.five 4
25GDL4-eleven*fourteen four 154 seven.five five.five
40GDL6-12*three 6 36 seven.five 1.5
40GDL6-12*4 6 48 7.five two.two
40GDL6-twelve*5 six 60 seven.five 2.two
40GDL6-12*six six 72 7.5 3
40GDL6-twelve*seven 6 84 seven.five 3
40GDL6-twelve*8 six 96 seven.5 four
40GDL6-12*9 six 108 seven.five 4
40GDL6-12*ten six a hundred and twenty seven.5 4
40GDL6-12*11 6 132 7.five five.five
40GDL6-twelve*twelve six a hundred and forty four 7.five five.5
40GDL6-12*thirteen six 156 seven.five 7.five
40GDL6-twelve*fourteen 6 168 7.5 7.five
50GDL12-15*two twelve 30 7 two.2
50GDL12-fifteen*three 12 forty five seven three
50GDL12-15*4 twelve sixty 7 four
50GDL12-fifteen*five twelve 75 7 five.five
50GDL12-15*six twelve ninety 7 5.five
50GDL12-fifteen*7 twelve one zero five seven seven.five
50GDL12-15*8 twelve one hundred twenty seven 7.5
50GDL12-15*9 12 a hundred thirty five seven eleven
50GDL12-15*ten 12 150 7 11
50GDL12-fifteen*11 twelve a hundred sixty five seven fifteen
50GDL12-fifteen*12 twelve a hundred and eighty seven fifteen
50GDL18-fifteen*two 18 thirty 7 3
50GDL18-fifteen*three 18 forty five 7 four
50GDL18-fifteen*four eighteen sixty seven 5.5
50GDL18-fifteen*five 18 75 seven 7.5
50GDL18-15*6 18 90 7 7.5
50GDL18-fifteen*seven eighteen 105 7 eleven
50GDL18-15*8 eighteen one hundred twenty seven eleven
50GDL18-fifteen*nine 18 one hundred thirty five 7 fifteen
50GDL18-15*ten eighteen 150 7 15
50GDL18-fifteen*eleven 18 one hundred sixty five seven 18.five
50GDL18-fifteen*12 eighteen 180 seven 18.5
65GDL24-12*2 24 24 6 3
65GDL24-12*3 24 36 6 4
65GDL24-12*four 24 48 six five.5
65GDL24-twelve*5 24 sixty 6 seven.5
65GDL24-12*6 24 72 six seven.five
65GDL24-twelve*seven 24 eighty four 6 11
65GDL24-twelve*8 24 ninety six six 11
65GDL24-12*nine 24 108 six 15
65GDL24-12*10 24 one hundred twenty 6 15
65GDL24-twelve*eleven 24 132 6 fifteen
65GDL24-12*12 24 one hundred forty four 6 18.five
80GDL36-twelve*2 36 24 five.five 4
80GDL36-12*3 36 36 five.five 5.5
80GDL36-twelve*4 6 forty eight five.5 7.5
80GDL36-twelve*5 36 60 five.five eleven
80GDL36-12*six 36 72 five.5 eleven
80GDL36-twelve*seven 36 eighty four five.five fifteen
80GDL36-twelve*eight 36 96 5.5 fifteen
80GDL36-twelve*9 36 108 five.five 18.five
80GDL36-12*ten 36 120 5.five 18.5
80GDL36-twelve*11 36 132 five.five 22
80GDL36-twelve*twelve 36 a hundred and forty four 5.5 22
80GDL54-fourteen*two 54 28 5 seven.five
80GDL54-14*3 54 42 five eleven
80GDL54-14*four fifty four fifty six 5 15
80GDL54-14*five fifty four 70 five eighteen.5
80GDL54-14*6 54 84 five 18.five
80GDL54-14*7 fifty four 98 five 22
80GDL54-14*8 54 112 5 thirty
80GDL54-14*9 54 126 five thirty
80GDL54-14*ten 54 a hundred and forty five 37
80GDL54-14*11 fifty four 154 five forty five
80GDL54-14*12 54 168 5 45
100GDL72-14*two 72 28 4.5 eleven
100GDL72-14*3 seventy two 42 four.5 fifteen
100GDL72-fourteen*four seventy two 56 four.5 18.five
100GDL72-fourteen*five seventy two 70 four.5 22
100GDL72-14*6 72 seventy four 4.5 30
100GDL72-fourteen*7 seventy two ninety eight four.five thirty
100GDL72-fourteen*eight seventy two 112 4.5 37
100GDL72-fourteen*nine 72 126 4.5 37
100GDL72-fourteen*ten 72 a hundred and forty 4.five 45
100GDL72-14*11 seventy two 154 4.5 55
100GDL72-14*12 seventy two 168 four.five fifty five
100GDL100-twenty*two 100 forty four.five 18.five
100GDL100-20*three a hundred sixty four.five thirty
100GDL100-20*four one hundred eighty four.five 37
100GDL100-20*5 100 one hundred four.5 45
100GDL100-20*six one hundred a hundred and twenty four.5 55
100GDL100-twenty*7 a hundred a hundred and forty 4.five seventy five
100GDL100-twenty*8 a hundred 160 4.5 75
100GDL100-twenty*9 one hundred a hundred and eighty four.5 seventy five
100GDL100-twenty*10 a hundred 200 four.five ninety
100GDL100-twenty*eleven 100 220 four.5 ninety
100GDL100-20*twelve one hundred 240 four.5 110
125GDL100-20*two one hundred 40 four.five eighteen.five
125GDL100-20*3 a hundred 60 4.five thirty
125GDL100-twenty*4 a hundred eighty 4.5 37
125GDL100-twenty*5 100 a hundred four.five 45
125GDL100-20*six a hundred 120 four.5 fifty five
125GDL100-20*seven one hundred one hundred forty 4.five seventy five
125GDL100-twenty*eight 100 a hundred and sixty four.5 75
125GDL100-20*9 one hundred a hundred and eighty 4.5 75
125GDL100-20*ten a hundred 200 four.five 90
150GDL160-twenty*two a hundred and sixty 40 four.5 thirty
150GDL160-twenty*3 one hundred sixty sixty 4.five 37
150GDL160-20*4 160 80 4.5 55
150GDL160-twenty*five a hundred and sixty one hundred 4.5 75
150GDL160-20*6 a hundred and sixty 120 four.five seventy five
150GDL160-20*7 a hundred and sixty a hundred and forty 4.5 90

gt gt Positive aspects
20 several years in making vertical stainless metal high pressure pump
Independent Style
EPTd EPT from Australia, Canada, The us
EPTized Check EPT
Anti-rust treatment casting
EPT reasonable suggestion for picking pumps
OEM available

gt gt Attributes

one. JCEP-EPTT design style, higher performance and save engery.
two. There is vane wheel inside of, the pump shell and principal fittings normally takes with stainless metal punch, movement-road is quite sleek, axle sleeve is difficult steel tool, so that will be super-EPTTful EPTT lasting making use of time, to stop making second pollution and its axle cover seals with use-resisting EPTT, unreveal.

1. JCEP-EPTT design design and style, substantial performance and preserve engery.
two. There is vane wheel inside of, the pump shell and principal fittings normally takes with stainless steel punch, flow-road is quite easy, axle sleeve is tough steel instrument, so that will be super-EPTTful EPTT long lasting employing time, to prevent making 2nd pollution and its axle include seals with wear-resisting EPTT, unreveal.

gt gt RFQ:

The basic parameters are as follows:
1. Movement price (Q):
Circulation fee is which means the liquid quantity (quantity or fat) shipped in unit time(quantity or weight)
2. EPT (H):
EPT is the improved strength from the pump inlet to the pump outlet when pumping one device liquid.
That is to say one EPTTtonian liquid get the successful vitality by way of the pump.
The unit is n. m/N = m, mamely pumping drinking water column height, in brief of meter.
three.speed (n): Pace is quantities of revolutions of the pump shaft in device time, Code is n, unit is r/min

NPSH is the main parameter to signify cavitation property. NPSH domestic used EPT h.

gt gt gtEPTT Introduction

ShiEPTTzhuang An EPT EPTTry EPTT, Ltd is a single above 30 years seasoned pump manufacturer (estabEPTTd at 1986) in mining and EPTral, EPTT EPTT, dredging and dredge, EPT, irrigation, pulp transfer, chemical, design, sea water and oil amp gasoline transfer etc. An EPT EPTTry is the pump factory has its personal pump choice amp layout, analysis and deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment team to assure supply you effective, power preserving slurry pump, drinking water pump, diesel water pump, chemical pump and irrigation pump in variety amp design and style, use and servicing system.

An EPT EPTTry is the pump manufacturing facility accepted by ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. We also have the certification of CE. Our factory is over 50,000 square meters with the expert engineer in excess of 20. The Max casting components weigEPTT we could do one time is 7 tons. And we have ability to make 600 tons per thirty day period and with the heat remedy furnace dimension 6mx5.5mx2.5m. The Max parts we could EPTT is 6.4 meters and we have ability to assemble the pump more than 1800mm and our cranes ability is 30 tons.

An EPT EPTTry merchandise incEPTT slurry pump, sewage pump, h2o pump, acid resistant or chemical pump, irrigation pumps, EPT pumps and other goods exported to more than 90 international locations all over the world. The software covers a lot of fields, these kinds of as mining and EPTral processing, dredger, EPTTngs transportation, mining, steel, desulfurization pump, EPT feed water, design, irrigation, water conservancy faXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ties, sewage therapy, drainage and h2o provide.

In the era of fast deveXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ment of EPT and EPT, An EPT EPTTry group consider the entrepreneurial spirit quotexcellence and continuous solution good quality, manufacturer identified globally and JCEP-dependent quot, company objective quotthe achievements of EPT manufacturer EPTTrprise and business pioneer quot, to help you out and give quality amp cheap innovative products!

gt gt gtFAQ

(1). Q: Are you a investing company or manufacture?
A: An EPT EPTTry EPTT, Ltd is a real massive skilled producer more than 32 a long time, in EPTT, create with our very own manufacturing facility.

(2). Q: what is actually your manufacturing facility workshops ?
A: My factory produce incEPTT casting, mechanical approach, lathe approach, heat remedy, assembly, and examination and so forth.
Warmly welcome to check out amp take a look at my manufacturing facility any time.

(three). Q: How about your EPTT collection centrifugal stop scution pump value?
A: We are confident our price tag is manufacturing unit cost, and insist hig high quality for our EPTT time period cooperation.

(four). Q: What is your EPTT collection stop suction pump materials ?
A: For the EPTT finish suction pump, we could create cast iron, cast steel, stainless metal, bronze, and material higher CrMoNi alloy.
And we could also produce as your needs.

(five).Q: What type of liquid can your EPTT sequence centrifugal stop suction pump transfer?
A: Liquid assortment: water, chemical liquid, hot water, sewage and so forth.

(6). Q:How does your factory do reXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.ding high quality management?
A: quotEPTT is priority. we alwaEPTTattach fantastic EPTTance to high quality controlling from the really commencing to the really finish.
Our factory has 15~30 QC.

(seven). Q: Is it effortless for buyers to alter the components by myselves ?
A: indeed, the framework is easy ,buyers can alter it really easliy. We will also source you maintenance equipment for free of charge.

(eight). Q: How about your gravel pump guarantee?
A: 1 12 months warranty for commplete setpump, six-8 months for soaked areas, it is dependent on other pump doing work condition specifics.

(9). Q: How to do if the pump or parts have operatation issue inside of your guarantee?
A: Inform me particulars timely, and present me images, we will deliver you pump solution at as soon as without any hesistation.

(ten). Q: Can you install the electric motor or diesel motor with the pump for us ?
A: sure, we can, it truly is no problem, we are knowledgeable in this .

(eleven): Q: .we will not know which pump design we require ,can you assist us ?
A: of course, make sure you inform me your element needs, incEPTT liquid, flow fee, head etc,
my engineers crew wiill estimate amp select most suitable pump product for you, provide pump resolution for you.

(12). Q:How EPTT can you reply us if we send an inquiry ?
A: EPTTl with in two hours, we will send out you formal quotation sheet, with price tag, EPT info, efficiency curve, dimension and so forth.

(thirteen). Q: What are your benefits,why ought to I select you?
A: EPTer EPTT, our parts have thirty% EPTTer life than the originals
Brief Shipping and delivery Time, for regular parts,we have inventory in our warehouse
Aggressive Cost, we can aid you cut down the EPT by thirty% or much more
EPTT Providers, we have technological division, top quality manage department and a skilled sales staff, we will provide skilled services for you any time.

gt gt gtContact info

  in Samut Prakan Thailand  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Vertical Multistage Stainless Steel Pump with Good After-Sales manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler