China OEM Portable Air Compressor With Tank with Great quality

Portable Air Compressor With Tank

Features Of Air Compressor

* Ultra Quiet – Only 70 decibels
* Oil-Free Pump – Cleaner air for better tool operation.
Less maintenance and Costs.
* Two pressure control gauges
* One universal 1/4” quick connector
* Easy Start Valve – For Less Starting Amperage
* Condor Pressure Switch
* Thermal Overload Protector
* 150 PSI Maximum Pressure
* Low Amp Draw – 14 Amps
* Time to fill tank from empty to full – 230 Seconds
* Recovery time from 118 PSI to 150 PSI – 50 Seconds
* Less heat which dissipates more efficiently
* 15 Gal. Steel Air Tank With Wheel Kit – Easy to move around.
* Comes complete with Wheel Kit & Two Air Filters

Model HC1509 / HC1709
Voltage 100-415V 50-60Hz
Power 550W 3/4 HP / 750W 1.0 HP
Air flow rate 102 L/min@0 bar 35L/min@8 bar 120 L/min@0 bar 50L/min@8 bar
Tank 9 liter
(L*W*H) CM

Application Of Air Compressor

*Dental applications:Used for the dental handpieces without the problems of oil vapor, obstruction and pollution, so that the oil vapor will not get into the patient’s wounds during the oral surgery, and therefore the success rate is increased.

*Manufacturing industry:It can reduce the pressure of the high-power air compressor to save the power consumption, and can be used for partial pressure boost to the production line for higher operational efficiency.

*Laboratories:The chemical experiment takes rigorous conditions, and for the stability, oil-free clean air is a must. Also, to
avoid failure of the bacteria fermentation process, using the clean air supplied by the oil-free air compressor is essential.

*Pharmaceutical and food industries:In the process of automatic production, to avoid pollution to the drugs and food and prevent the production line from obstruction, it is suggested to use oil-free gas for the production and cleaning. The purified clean air can also be used for the alcohol fermentation, bottling, blow molding, and packaging. To ensure the food safety, the oil-free air compressor plays a critical role.

*Automotive beauty and lacquer:The technology has been constantly innovated, and the car wax and functional lacquer is also making progress, undergoing ever higher standards. In the process of spray painting, if the oil vapor is sprayed out, it will stick to and spread out the wax or lacquer. Therefore, using an oil-free air compressor is strongly recommended.

Certifications of air compressor

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of high-tech screw compressor with technical cooperation with Simeon Technology
(China) Co., Ltd. of France. It is a high-end screw compressor manufacturer specializing in the R & D and manufacturing of screw compressor. With a registered capital of 10.18 million yuan and total assets of 50 million yuan, the company covers an area of 20000 square meters and a plant construction area of 18000 square meters. Located in Sanmen, Zhejiang Province, the company is the first enterprise in China to successfully develop oil-free lubricated screw air compressor and 1 of the participating units of the national standard of oil-free lubricated screw air compressor. The successful development of high-pressure screw 2-stage compressor will fill the gap at home and abroad, Simeon brand screw air compressor was rated as a famous brand product in Zhejiang. On the basis of this high-end technology, our company began to develop and produce flammable, explosive and corrosive gas compressors such as gasoline compressor, biogas compressor, coal seam compressor, gas compressor and carbon dioxide compressor in 2008. After years of testing, our company has won high praise from customers.